An entrepreneur may be perennially short of funds but more avenues are opening up as never before to fulfill their financial demands and aspirations, and one such method is the humble car title loan, a friend that enables and empowers entrepreneurs in achieving their goals at very short notice.

An effective business plan is one that is realistic in planning long term growth strategies and one which takes into consideration the firm’s existing and external resources, and plans their optimum utilization to achieve the firm’s goals. Entrepreneurs need finance which is the fuel that boosts their working capital, and ready availability of finance options either through banks or through private capital determines how successfully they can plan their long term strategies.

Meticulous planning is a must and a firm’s promoters need to prepare a thorough inventory of their manpower, materials, tools and infrastructure before they rollout their venture in a competitive market scenario. You need to give creditors a much needed overview of your financial sources, capital needs, and estimated sales turnover.

What the government can do for you: The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has a comprehensive array of finance and support options helping entrepreneurs kick start their business ventures in the best possible manner. There is ample guidance available to entrepreneurs in the government website and more important backup support for financial assistance rendered by the states.

You can also approach venture capital firms for help: There is a common misconception that venture capitalists focus only on reputed companies and well established players that assure dynamic growth prospects in a competitive market. Actually, many of the financed ventures are companies that may be rolling out untried and untested products that show the potential to capture a good slice of existing markets dominated by well known companies- these are the risks venture capitalists are willing to take if they perceive that their company is a good investment in the long term. Exploiting venture capital gives start ups the seed capital needed to fuel growth and business development. Having a venture capitalist as a funding source can be a huge advantage especially when you need deep pockets to tide over initial losses.

Have you considered applying for a government grant? The fabulous advantage of availing a grant is that it is not a loan and doesn’t have to be repaid. They don’t diminish your resources through the tax route (they are tax free). The government will not insist on credit profiling, nor do you have to declare security deposits or get hold of cosigners or even offer collateral. It is quite simply the shortest route to funding an entrepreneur can access.

How the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) sources easy funding: In this wonderful initiative states access federal funds to in turn boost private players to fund entrepreneurs. So if your firm has limited access to private players this is the route you can take to gain more capital at reasonable rates and on easier terms and conditions.

Peer to peer lending comes of age: Prosper and Lending club have opened up entrepreneurs to the prospects of directly sourcing cheaper funds, avoiding banks and cumbersome loan formalities. These companies offer an innovative platform where investors come face to face with small time entrepreneurs offering cheaper loans.

What the pink slip loan can do for a start up

The suggestions listed above might seem intimidating for small entrepreneurs that are hard pressed for time to complete all the formalities or present meticulous business plans for venture capitalists. When time is short and financial requirements are screaming to be met, what does a firm do? Get auto collateral loan of course:

Simple ways auto equity loans come to your rescue in a tight money situation:

  • No NOCs, no references and no cosigners – loans for vehicle title areyours for the collateral of your car which you keep in your custody till the loan is repaid. As an entrepreneur you get to keep your asset and exploit its equity.

  • Bare essentials like an ID, residence proof, statement of income and expenses or firm’s balance sheet and car registration papers are all that you submit to avail a title loan..

  • Interest rates hovering below 25% APR get you off to a flying start. The title loan is repaid even before you have shelled out significant interest.

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